Sunday, January 16, 2011

Persona 3 FES

      I will be honest, I'am an RPG guy. Ever since I was young I was fascinated by long and complex stories that many RPGs had. Although I will also admit that most of the RPGs I have played were japanese RPGs that have a distinct visual and narrative difference than Western games. If this is the kind of genre you like then I whole-heartedly recommend the original Persona 3 for two reasons: The characters(which are all well rounded and don't fall into some of the more well known cliches, and the Style: I would have said plot but I feel that would be redundant since the characters and everything about them are essential to the games plot. The style is very much like an ancient RPG from the days of the old NES system where you have to grind for a bit to get to the next area, witness some story, then grind for the next area. This game is not for the faint of heart and the "kind-of sequal" FES ramps up the difficulty so don't take it lightly.

FES is a welcomed addition and a must for those who have played Persona 3, the 40+ hours of extra gameplay and a conclusion to the intriguing story are well worth the price-tag (especially since the price has dropped since it came out) For those who haven't even played Persona 3, GET THIS VERSION because it has both the original Persona 3 and the added chapter with a whole bunch of nifty features(such as turning Personas into weapons).

Unfortunately I did have a major complaint. The "Persona Compendium" isn't in the new story. For the those unfamiliar with the game, the compendium allowed you to buy the personas you once had for a fee. This could mean that I could combine two personas to make a really cool new kind, and then buy back the two original ones I had. In FES, if you want to get your hands the best Personas, you will need to know what you need to make them and where to get them. (The compendium is still in the original part of the game though).

To those who would look at this and say its just a shameless cash-grab that is nothing more than a carbon copy of a game, then I will say they are only half-right. Yes it has the many of the same things from the original but will deliver if you enjoyed the story of Persona 3(Especially the ending...WOW)

Verdict: If you love the Persona games then you *should* already have this, if you normally are not a fan of grinding and anime style characters and Japanese rap(it plays a lot in the background) then don't buy it.
If you are into goods stories in games then at least give this thing a rent. could play it for the giant penis monster...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review of DS Game 999

9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

To be frank I didn't think I would like this game. I like most western gamers don't really enjoy "visual novel" style games. To those who are not informed about what that is take a look at this picture.
Yah, it looks action packed!
There are a lot of these kind of games out in Japan but 99% of them don't cross the ocean...for good reason since most of them (including the one pictured above have adult scenes. This is a picture of the game I am actually reviewing:

 For anyone who has a DS then I would actually recommend 999. It is a mixture of puzzle solving, survival horror, and incredible storytelling. Arguably one of the best told stories ever in a videogame. Unfortunately there isn't much I can tell about plot without spoiling it so I'll give a quick run down and if it seems interesting then I'd suggest you give it a shot.
You wake up on a boat, locked in a room, with a wristwatch like device strapped to your wrist that you cant get off(or else you would blow up..seems like something out of the Saw movies) After escaping that one room you meet up with 8 other people only to discover that they were all brought there against their wills and only have 9 hours to escape. There only hope of escaping is solving puzzles after passing through doors that have large numbers painted over them.

I didn't think i'd start with a review for a videogame but I had just finished the game and thought I'd give my two cents to the masses.